Youth & The Outdoors

Haypress is rooted in a deep passion for the outdoors. Whether it’s skiing first tracks on a bluebird day or running through a local park, being outside has a profound impact on us.

Thinking back to childhood, many of our fondest memories involve the outdoors. There’s no doubt that connecting to nature at a young age can be transformational.

Exploring the outdoors is easy in theory, but harder in practice, especially for under-resourced communities. Just getting to the entrance of a national park can cost hundreds of dollars and this doesn’t include the entrance fee, overnight accommodations, gear, etc.

We are dedicated to helping individuals, specifically youth, experience everything the great outdoors has to offer. That’s why we donate 1% of all sales to our two partner organizations listed below. Both of these organizations provide mentorship and financial assistance to make the outdoors more accessible to all.

Thanks for your support!


Big City Mountaineers

Big City Mountaineers breaks down barriers to outdoor access for youth from disinvested communities by providing a variety of experiences that are free of charge, fully outfitted, and professionally guided. By thoughtfully addressing these social, psychological, and material barriers, they create opportunities for youth to uncover their own sources of strength, resilience, confidence, serenity, and joy. They believe deeply in the transformative power of developing a personal connection with nature. We are inspired by the BCM organization and are proud to partner with them to improve outdoor access for youth across the country.


Tahoe Rim Trail Association

The Tahoe Rim Trail Association is a community of members and volunteers dedicated to preserving and enhancing the Tahoe Rim Trail system. The 165+ mile trail circumnavigates the Lake Tahoe Basin and happens to cross through our namesake meadow, Haypress Meadows, in Desolation Wilderness. One of their most successful programs is their Youth Backcountry Camps where participants spend 4 days backpacking along the Tahoe Rim Trail. Haypress contributes directly to their Youth Programs to provide funding for children who may otherwise not be able to participate.

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